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HVAC Cleaning Services

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

ATP is a specialist in the renovation and maintenance of your buildings and homes. A very important function of your building is its HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning), when your system is new you directly have clean air, filtered from all the particles that could be harmful to you. However, after several months your system becomes dirty and less efficient.

The Guarantee of clean air

We provide a cleaning service that will restore the air quality of your HVAC system. The air will be filtered and the particles that are in the air will be greatly reduced due to the efficiency of our cleaning system. Your family or employees will no longer feel uncomfortable at their workstation. All that will be present (dust, industrial residues, smoke,…) will be removed by our teams.

The high cost of having dirty HVAC

Cleaning your HVAC system is necessary, not only to ensure constant air purity but also to reduce your operating costs. This is because a perfectly clean system requires less energy to run everything. We recommend annual cleaning at a minimum, or after a major event such as a fire that has left a lot of deposits in your systems.

Less respiratory problems

Keeping an HVAC system clean is essential to avoid the development of respiratory problems. The accumulation of dirt in HVAC systems allows the development of various germs that can interfere with your breathing, that of your family or employees, contact us so we can discuss how best to deal with this risk quickly.

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