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Repair and Restoration Services in Palm Beach

Repair and Restoration Services

Atp knows how destructive a water loss can be. If the water is not properly dried out quickly it can cause mold to grow within 24 hours. Unexpected problems can occur quickly such as plumbing, roof and hvac leaks which can cause a lot of stress and damage to the property.

Over the years, ATP has put together a great team of friendly professional licensed and insured contractors. Our contractors have been assisting our clients in there time of need with issues relating to Plumbing, HVAC, Roofing, Waterproofing, Electrical, Cabinetry, Drywall, Flooring and Painting.

Our team of professional contractors will make sure the job is done correctly. We take pride in our work to assure our clients are 100 % satisfied.

Mold Removal

Are you getting rid of molds that could possibly ruin your household, business, or workplace over time? We, at ATP Environmental Solutions, know what is best for you. We can help you fix your problem. We provide a 24-hour emergency mold removal and remediation services in the best possible way without breaking your pocket. We make properties safer for the people against the mold and we can guarantee you that we will help to eliminate the molds from coming back. Our company is composed of several professionally trained, licensed, and certified experts in mold removal that can quickly remediate biological toxins that can cause multiple health hazards.

Water Mitigation

If your home or business has sustained water damage. It is important for you to call for an expert. ATP Environmental Solutions provide a variety of services to mitigate water and resolve the damage. We are water mitigation professionals that can provide immediate response in order to quickly repair and restore any water damage that has been caused to your home and business. We want our clients to feel comfortable and be satisfied with our service. Call ATP Environmental Solutions at (561) 337-0805.

Air Quality Testing

Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is vital to healthy living. At ATP Environmental Solutions, we are committed to making sure you are completely informed and satisfied with our services. We are reliable and professional air experts. Our company uses the latest technology and equipment to assess all types of indoor contaminants.

Restaurant Mold

Restaurants are not immune from having to make repairs to maintain a high standard of sanitation. With the number of people who are in the kitchen to work and the people who consume their orders, the risk of degradation is significant. ATP will help you keep an optimal level of cleanliness that will not go unnoticed by your customers.

Boat Mold

The risk of mold is particularly present in a humid environment and boats are therefore particularly at risk. Whether on the hull of your boat or inside, the risks are significant. On the one hand, it can damage your boat in the long run, and mold can also be dangerous for your health if it is not treated quickly.

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos is particularly dangerous for health and unfortunately, many buildings on the continent still have a significant amount. ATP has a team specializing in the treatment of buildings containing asbestos to ensure optimal safety for your family or your employees. Our team has been trained to remove all traces of asbestos from your walls, so you can return home in peace.

Disinfectant Cleaning

The coronavirus has highlighted the importance of cleanliness to avoid the risks of bacterial infection which are increasingly present. ATP will be responsible for thoroughly cleaning your home and your workspace to guarantee a minimal risk of contamination by the surfaces most at risk. You will be able to be more peaceful with your family or at work.

ATP Mold at your service for all your repair and restoration needs.

ATP brings together different services to guarantee absolute cleanliness against the development of mold and other bacteria. Our teams have been trained to meet your needs with the equipment specially adapted to each situation to be as efficient as possible. Contact us today to find out more.

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