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How to Clean Your Home or Business for Coronavirus

The coronavirus or COVID19 has been a disruptive force around the world, with people and businesses desperately searching for ways to protect their families and employees from infection. Just recently, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a pandemic, which means we all need to be vigilant about helping to stop its spread.

What is the Coronavirus

A coronavirus is a common virus that infects the throat, nose, and sinuses. Most coronaviruses, such as the common cold, aren't deadly or life-threatening to an otherwise healthy individual. The COVID19 virus (or novel coronavirus) is a new strain thought to have jumped from animals to humans.

After an incubation period of around 14-days, an infected person will display cold or flu-like symptoms. Most people will develop mild symptoms such as a runny nose, a dry cough, and a sore throat. Many infected people will get over the virus quite quickly, much like anybody does when they develop a case of the sniffles.

Unfortunately, once the incubation period is complete, the virus is fast-acting. If the body can't fight off the infection before it gets into the throat and moves into the lower respiratory tract and lungs, it can cause life-threatening symptoms. People most at risk are the elderly, the very young, or people with weakened immune systems.

Our Industry Standard Practice for Coronavirus Cleaning

COVID19 can live for a few days once it gets onto a surface via coughing or touching. Everything you touch could potentially have traces of the virus, which is why our industry standard process ensures that all surfaces are treated.

Our coronavirus treatment provides a thorough clean and uses best practices as set out by OSHA regulations and ICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification) guidelines. The ATP Environment Solutions’ team have years of experience in dealing with a wide range of biohazards.

ATP Environmental Solutions follows strict guidelines when coordinating a coronavirus deep clean. We only use disinfectants approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that have proven effective against COVID-19.

Information about the COVID-19 virus is rapidly evolving so it’s important we continue to consult with the CDC for the latest updates, solutions, and preventative measures. In this way, we can provide our clients with the very best in protection.

All surfaces are treated with approved disinfectants, which includes tabletops, counters, chairs, doorknobs, toilets, phones, tablets, keyboards, bathroom fixtures, and bedside tables. Any suspect materials are classified as biohazard, evaluated, and properly disposed of if necessary, using industry best practices.

COVID-19 specialists are equipped with the latest industry grade protective gear, including high-end full-face respirator masks. This gear is equipped throughout the entire viral treatment process. Each team member are also highly trained to ensure no nooks, crannies, and corners are missed during the treatment.

We Are Here for You

According to the latest statistics, office spaces are highest on the list of most vulnerable locations for viral contamination. Harvard Health Publishing recommends high-touch surfaces such as tabletops, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, phones, tablets, and keyboard receive cleaning and disinfecting treatment.

ATP Environmental Solutions are available 24/7 to provide priority COVID-19 virus solutions to your residential, private facilities and commercial buildings. Call today to protect your employees and family and help reverse the curve of this deadly infection.

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