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We identify and classify multiple public health hazards relating to biological toxins. Our trained, professional technicians work to remove the identified risk factors (toxic molds, fungi) associated with negatively affecting human health.

If you recently suffered a water loss, time is of the essence. Don't hesitate. Contact the water mitigation professionals at ATP. ATP provides immediate, prompt response to help prevent and mitigate water damage to your home and business.

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Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is vital to healthy living. At ATP Environmental Solutions, we are committed to making sure you are completely informed and satisfied with our services. We use the latest technology and equipment to assess for all types of indoor contaminants.


ATP Environmental Solutions has expanded over the years due to its dedication and commitment to the customer experience. At ATP Environmental Solutions we appreciate your business and put a lot of effort into ensuring that your experience is a positive one. Before we undertake any work, we feel that it is important for our customers to have a basic understanding of all the various options, so that you can make an informed decision on the work required.


We explain all the Florida legal requirements relating to Mold testing and removal. 


Because we are a family-owned business, we are big enough to deal with any job but small enough to care. We never subcontract our work and are flexible and competitive on cost. We are fully accredited by the BBB South Florida.

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damage Remediation Specialist

When dealing with mold, indoor air quality, and water damage cleanup, you need a professional company that understands the severity of mold and water damage.


Your family or customers' health is too important to put at risk, and exposure to mold (including black mold) or poor air quality can cause medical issues.

At ATP Environmental we have the experience to rectify these problems quickly, professionally, and with minimum disruption. The company is owned by John Shippole, who with over 30 years of experience in the industry, has seen and dealt with every potential problem many times over.

Our Promise and Values

Owner John Shippole has been specializing in the environmental remediation business and indoor air quality (IAQ) industry since 1984. Experts who are at the top of the learning curve drive our competency and focus in the workplace. Our professionals have developed superior skills in the remediation of biological risks and toxic mold risks.


Water Damage Restoration

We are restoration experts who can help prevent serious water damage to your residential or commercial property. We’ll spare you of the inconveniences brought by water damage from both natural and manmade disasters such as flooding, storms, leaking pipes, or burst pipes. 

Construction Restoration

Leave the issues brought about by water damage to your home and building plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC), roofing, waterproofing, electrical, cabinetry, drywall, flooring, and painting to us. We’ll restore them to their normal operating conditions in no time when you call us for our service.

Disinfectant Services

Our many years of experience dealing with a wide range of biohazards now include COVID-19. In our novel coronavirus treatment, we follow the guidelines set by government health agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification (ICRC). We also use disinfectants approved by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Yacht and Boat Mold Removal

We are licensed in the removal and remediation techniques especially for watercraft such as yachts and boats, which are most prone to mold and mildew growth. We help you maintain the smooth operation of your valuable water vessel while keeping you and your crew safe from health risks.  

Asbestos Abatement

We are professional and licensed in the abatement of asbestos, a harmful material that can put your health and life at risk when ingested or inhaled. Still very much present in our midst in building construction materials, they must be removed properly. Call us for this important and critical job.   

Mold Removal and Remediation

We specialize in mold removal and remediation. We rid your property of hazardous molds that can cause damage to structures and bring health risks. We can prevent mold growth when you call us immediately upon experiencing water damage or the presence of moisture in your building structures.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

We use the latest technology and equipment to assess for all types of indoor contaminants or allergens in your home or workplace. Our services include Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sampling and preliminary investigation to aid with assessment and treatment plan as necessary.

Why Commercial Businesses Need Professional Damage Remediation Solutions?

Business continuity, profitability, and growth are the constant goals of all businesses. Any disruption such as those coming from natural calamities and even preventable causes can be disastrous for the business and must be dealt with promptly. Here are why you need damage remediation solutions from professionals.

1.Keep business runninG

No commercial entity can afford to stop doing business lest it loses. Water damage and its effects on the business such as damage to structures and facilities, molds, health hazards such as viruses, and unhealthy air quality can effectively shut down your business and must be addressed urgently.

2.Protect people

The most important people in your business are your staff, your valuable resource, and the customers whom you deal with. It is your responsibility to ensure they are aptly protected and not exposed to any form of hazards in your company or commercial establishment.   

3.Protect your assets

Next in importance to your human resource are your physical assets. By employing the services of a professional damage remediation services company, you will be able to prevent immediate and serious damage to your company assets and effectively extend their service life. 

4.Avoid costly repair and legal damages

Putting off damage remediation can only complicate your problems. The damage to your properties can worsen over time compelling you to spend more on major repairs or replacements. Worse is the possible adverse effect the damage can cause to people, which can bring you legal troubles.

Environmental Solutions and Emergency Services for Commercial Businesses

You never know when disasters that can effectively force your business to halt will happen. They can be natural or controllable (or so you think). It is prudent to keep your commercial business protected always. Partner with APT Environmental Solutions Specialists for environmental solutions and emergency services. We are a professional damage remediation services provider with decades of experience in water damage remediation, mold removal and remediation, construction restoration, yacht and boat mold removal, asbestos abatement, disinfectant services, and indoor air quality testing.   


A family-owned business based in Delray Beach Florida, we have helped hundreds of commercial business owners stave of closure from the damages brought by water, toxic molds, asbestos, poor indoor air quality, and other biological risks and emergencies.


Experience in the industry and continuous training in our field have made our licensed professionals among the most competent in damage remediation. We have worked on numerous projects of different sizes and complexity, there isn’t any job we cannot accomplish. We never subcontract our job, work directly with the property owners and let them understand the importance and implications of our work to their long-term business. We are flexible and competitive on cost. We are fully accredited by the BBB South Florida.

Businesses and Industries We Work With

We are a strong partner of businesses in their goals for business continuity as well as profitability. Among the industries we serve are: 

educational & school facilities

We know how important it is to take care of students and give them the safest environment for their learning and well-being. We take care of all mold remediation issues, water damage restoration, air quality testing, and more to ensure that all educational facilities and schools have the utmost safety.


Among our many clients are hospitals with rigid sanitation and disinfection requirements. Our ability to fulfill the high hospital standards in disinfection and other services makes us well qualified to deliver the same results for your commercial business.

Commercial Buildings

Even commercial clients with their housekeeping and maintenance personnel, value our services such as water damage remediation, mold remediation, construction restoration, etc. They assign these jobs to us realizing their criticality to their business and our expertise with them. We help developers, contractors, and property managers.

Senior Care Homes

We provide disinfection and other services to senior care homes, which have become almost at par with hospitals in terms of sanitation and disinfection requirements. We also ensure the absence of contaminants and allergens that can affect elderly patients.


We disinfect and maintain the mold-free conditions of restaurants and similar businesses where the possibility for mold growth is high along with the food sanitation requirements, health risks for customers and staff, and the possibility of health inspection violations.


We provide damage remediation services to manufacturing and other organizations that are too preoccupied with their day-to-day activities and do not have the competency for the work we specialize in such as mold remediation, disinfection, etc. 

  • Phase 1
    Mold Detection and Discovery Visual Assessment of Your Home Starting at $125.00. ATP finds the mold. Our specialized on-site mold detection service includes a visual inspection of your property.
  • Phase 2
    Pre-Testing Third Party Verification ATP determines whether the mold is toxic. A certified independent laboratory analyzes the test cultures to identify the mold species as well as the total colony forming units (CFU). If Biological risks are identified, ATP prepares a comprehensive report to explain the specific biological risks and develops a customized treatment plan. This report is then reviewed with our clients in the strictest of confidence.
  • Phase 3
    Mold Treatment ATP applies the TM-100 Formula. Professionally trained technicians apply the TM-100 technology by utilizing our proprietary atomization process, which allows TM100 to be surface applied and injected behind walls or into air vents to treat hidden toxic molds. All work is performed at the convenience of our clients, including off hours, evenings, and weekends.
  • Phase 4
    Post-Testing Third Party Verification ATP provides provides certified results. Within 72 hours after a treatment plan has been completed, ATP repeats the above mentioned comprehensive on-site biological collection protocol and a certified independent laboratory analyzes the test cultures. Data from the Pre-Testing and Post-Testing results are analyzed and a comprehensive report is prepared and made available to the client on a confidential basis, thus providing a scientifically based assurance that the indoor air quality (IAQ) is safe.
  • Phase 5
    Mold Prevention ATP offers mold prevention and maintenance plans tailored to our clients specific needs to prevent further outbreaks of biological toxins.


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