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Dealing with Mold From Afar

We're Here to Help, Even When You're Away

Mold and water damage issues are problems that will not go away on their own; if left untreated, they have the potential to destroy a home beyond repair. Acting quickly at the first discovery of mold or unwanted water within a dwelling, garage, vacation home, or rental investment can save the property owner both money and heartache. This fast response time is especially true for homeowners who do not reside on-site throughout the year.

ATP Environmental Solutions understands that many Floridians travel or reside in the state for a specific number of months, therefore we offer plans and services that can work for any property owner when it comes to mold removal and water mitigation. They are a company of professionals that can be trusted to be on-hand in case of an emergency, while also being available to handle assessments and inspections for their customers.

Quick Response Time is Crucial When A Mold Problem is Detected

Time is of the essence whether a homeowner is at their home, traveling, or happens to live in a different state. It does not matter if a property owner is thousands of miles away; ATP Environmental Solutions at a residential or business address very quickly once we are notified of a potential mold or water damage problem. Our highly trained staff offers 24-hour emergency response time, which means we will work whenever it is necessary to rid a home or building of mold. If a homeowner is traveling or happens to be in a different time zone, they can still depend on ATP to respond and offer assistance. Even if a call comes through in the middle of the night, our team makes a promise to call a customer back within 30 minutes or less.

Mold Can Be Anywhere

Mold can occur anywhere in a building or house where unwanted water is causing seepage, discharge or drainage problems. Water damage from: leaky roofs, unsealed windows, flooding, sewer back-ups, dripping faucets, overflowing toilets, cracked pipes, malfunctioning ice makers, broken washing machines or severe weather can all lead to the development of mold.

Getting Rid of the Mold Problem From Afar

The existence of mold means more than just physical damage and deterioration to a property, it also poses a health threat to residents. ATP Environmental Solutions Specialists understands the severity of a mold situation and is highly trained in testing and getting rid of any detected mold.

Certified Mold Removal Experts

The professionals at ATP Environmental Solutions Specialists are certified specialists when it comes to mold removal. They have a proven record of being able to detect and determine the type of mold in existence in an efficient manner. This type of work expertise allows them to use the best available methods to rid a structure of mold and make a place safer for all occupants.

Removal of mold can occur in three days or less and it can all be done while a property owner is off-site. ATP Environmental Solutions Specialists has the equipment and protocols in place to find the mold, test it in order to determine the mold species and then eradicate it from the premises.

Water Damage Solutions

Water damage can lead to mold, but it also leads to destruction of property and personal possessions. ATP Environmental Solutions Specialists can work directly with an insurance carrier, claims representative or property manager if the customer is out of state or even out of the country. They will keep open lines of communication with all involved parties in order to get a property dried out and repaired in a quick manner. In addition to mold removal, ATP is also highly trained in: water removal, water extraction, providing property damage estimates and recording assessments for the repair and replacement costs when it comes to property, system parts and/or possessions. We can document damage and will go to great lengths to minimize more potential loss.

Water emergencies can happen at a moments notice. ATP Environmental Solutions Specialists should be the first call a homeowner or property manager makes when water damage is observed. A swift response can save a person a substantial amount of money. It is very important to stop the water problem and start working to dry out the damage immediately. Waiting to take the appropriate steps to get rid of unwanted water will only lead to more structural problems, potential mold, and losses beyond repair.

ATP Gets the Job Done

Whether it is providing mold removal service work or drying out a home that has suffered water damage, ATP is prepared to tackle any challenge quickly and properly. They will do a job fast, but also do it well so that a property owner is not stressed and can feel good in knowing that he or she has hired the right company for the job.

Send us an email; we will help in an emergency and we are available for maintenance or inspections if a property manager or homeowner is ever concerned with an abnormal interior smell or notices a water stain. We understand the importance of investigating a problem and fixing it in a timely manner.

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